Quality guaranteed since 1957

Wolverine Coach has been the pride of the Brininger family for over 60 years. 

As the fourth generation to manufacture animal transport units and custom caps and trailers, we pride ourselves on incomparable products and service. 

We maintain the highest standards of production with the most competitive prices in the industry.  


It is very important to our family that we stay ahead of the competition.

 To do so, we attend many of the Animal Control seminars and shows throughout the United States.  Networking with the industry leaders provides us with first hand knowledge of what they expect and need in an animal containment unit.

In addition to our Animal Containment Units, we offer many other specialty products such as dogsled trailers, show dog units and hunting dog units.

Each unit is made to the specifications of the client, allowing for many different options.

We can manufacture any unit to your specifications or needs. 

With over 200 quality used caps and 1000 cap windows in our inventory, our selection is unbeatable!

Over 200 used caps and 100 cap windows